Case study: Airex S.p.A.

The project, in collaboration with SYNEXTYA, has brought Airex S.p.A. considerable advantages from the point of view ofstreamlining business processes by by simplifying and speeding up the sales process, made more complex by the customization of prices based on specific agreements with customers and retailers, in addition to the ever-changing discounts applied to order quantities.

Company sector: machinery resale, equipment and supplies

Company size: 5-10 million €

Business areas involved: sales network, sales office, marketing office, administration

Period: from 2019 to present

The customer

Airex has been distributing fittings and accessories for compressed air since 1977 and is highly esteemed in the marketplace for both their customer service as well as for their continuous research into new products which are able to meet customer demand without ever neglecting product quality.

Airex has the same high standards regarding their choice of supplier, who must be able to guarantee quality and flexibility as well as being able to propose innovative solutions, establishing constructive and lasting collaborative relationships.

A complete and convenient range of products, a stocked warehouse and a trained and courteous team make Airex an ideal partner, able to satisfy even the most demanding customer: the Airex staff are always happy to answer any queries you may have.

The challenge

The professional collaboration between our team and Airex S.p.A began at the end of 2019 with the aim of renewing their IT equipment, from both a technological as well as a company communications point of view.

Customer needs:

  • To coordinate on different levels, both organizational and functional;
  • To initiate the continuous development of digital transformation with an appropriate design.

The solution

We started with the development of the website interface with a view towards an in depth and personalized integration between the digital sales tools and the management system used internally by the company for the management of orders, warehouse, logistics and customers.

New inteface

How it was

Consulting, design and development


Study and implementation of a cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services) and database


Design and development of the web front end for end users


Design and development of the web front end for admin users of the company


System integration with Zucchetti Infinity management system: coordination and integration of activities with internal company processes

The digital transformation project with Airex S.p.A. is divided into two phases:

Step 1

New corporate web interface

Key actions:

  • New design for the showcase website;
  • Design of the web platform as a digital catalog.


  • Use of latest generation web development technologies;
  • User friendly interface, responsiveness, SEO-friendly;
  • Usability of the product offer;
  • Visibility of partner and supplier brands;
  • Advanced and personalized search function

The result we wished to obtain from this first phase of the project was that of a digital catalog, entirely accessible online, in order to put the company’s core business and the offer of products on show, freely available from any device.

The platform is in fact focused on the consultation of various products, divided into different levels, including the most purchased products, the most functional products, and finally the products most recently used. Every single item is included in their own specific category in which the features of each product are described.

The advanced and personalized search function allows for quick consultation of the catalog based upon the specific interests of each user: customers are clearly able to orient themselves among the wide range of products offered by the company and are able to understand the different features of each product and how they might make use of them

Step 2

Integration with management system and order panel

Key actions:

  • The design and development of a new reserved area integrated into the management system already in use;
  • The automation of order reception process.


  • The integration, through specific APIs of the Zucchetti Infinity management system, used by Airex S.p.A. for internal organization.;
  • Unique initial user registration to the platform;
  • The retrieval by users of information regarding availability and product pricing, managed for individual businesses looking to form business agreements with customers and agents.
  • Dynamic pricing depending on B2B/B2C and quantity status.

The second phase of the project, still continuously improving and updating, has led to a total transformation and innovation on both a structural and communication level.

Prior to the current digital transformation project, company operators received orders via email or phone calls, subsequently having to enter orders manually within the Zucchetti management system.
Everything has been automated and improved to ensure both time and resources savings for Airex S.p.A.: now this process is included in the portal and facilitates faster and more intuitive communication between Airex staff and their customers.


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