Case study: Journhey

Journhey is an innovative startup that SYNEXTYA has followed since its inception, from the early stages of design through to its development. The platform, specifically created for the research and sharing of travel experiences, has gone through the first phases of research and testing aimed at defining buyer personas. The first prototype was outlined using the principles of the design thinking approach, which then progressed on to user research, the definition of the User Experience, technical and functional aspects, as well as the User Interface.

Company sector: travel and experiential/digital tourism

Company type: startup

Business areas involved: IT, marketing and design department

Period: from 2021 to present

The customer

Journhey aims to become the reference platform for the experiential tourism market: it is a Hub dedicated to all those who want to share their travel experiences and read about the adventures of other travelers.

It is a platform where It is a platform where you can tell your story as well as create and share your travel diary with the Journhey Community and friends; a united space where you can exchangereflections, questions and useful advice with other travelers; a digital library created by real peoplein which to look for travel experiences all over the world.


A collaboration, a journey to tell.

We have been working with Synextya since June 2021 (before the Jounhey project was born). We are an innovative startup and I have to say that Synextya has eagerly been with us from the very beginning, going beyond the confines of the contract we had originally agreed upon.

We entrusted Synextya with the creation of our software platform, starting only from a graphic mock-up. There was immediately a special understanding between the members of both teams, and this led us to achieve the results that we had hoped for in the timeframe which we had set ourselves.

We have worked both with face-to-face meetings at Synextya’s offices in Bologna and Ferrara, as well as remotely from different parts of Italy and the world, always with the same professionalism. This more than anything is the added value that we recognize in Synextya, the constant proximity independent of the geographical location of the team.

We still have a long way to go, and many ideas to develop, what I can say is that without the support of a partner like Synextya, achieving this first step would have been very difficult indeed.


Tommaso Panzavolta – CEO

The challenge

The collaboration began between our team and Journhey back in the early days when the idea was still in its infancy. Together we have built an ambitious project, a travel-themed social network.

On the one hand, there was a need to give users the opportunity to create and develop their own personal travel diary through the creation of a profile as well as through the guided sharing of experiences. On the other, a need was identified to make travel information available to all users, through a structured search function that would allow for the comparison of all experiences on the platform, using a series of filters and essential criteria for anoriginal and unprecedented user experience.

The solution

We started with the development of the platform interface, gradually implementing the features necessary to improve the user experience, based on elements that emerged from the continuous design analysis as well as through testing of the platform itself.

We have structured a guided path for the uploading and sharing of users’ travel experiences, with particular importance placed on user interaction with the entire Community.

The experience search function also required development to ease access to information through the application of various types of filters and the implementation of travel route maps.

In addition, in the final phase, we integrated some travel portals to the platform for the generation of links to automated affiliate programs which themselves related to travel experiences written by users.

Project items

Metaproject and prototyping

Design thinking, definition of buyer personas, as well as both user and field research all led to the definition of the first interactive mockup.

User Experience and User Interface

Both the user experience and interface studies were based on the collection of feedback from target users and on prototype testing, to allow us to outline the final project.

End-user frontend

Design and development of the platform visible to the end user for interaction with the Community, the insertion and consultation of travel experiences.

Admin Panel

Design and development of an internal management panel for content moderation and data visualization.

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From the collaboration with SYNEXTYA comes a digital platform for fast, simple and intuitive management that permits the use of the welfare budget for all the beneficiaries involved.

The project consists of a web portal that can be customized according to the needs of the individual customer, accessible to all figures involved in the various welfare projects.

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Strategy Innovation Forum – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Strategy Innovation Forum – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Since 2020 we have been a digital partner of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in the organization of the Strategy Innovation Forum.
The event is held every year at the Economic Campus of San Giobbe in Venice, and this year the SIF has chosen our product “Culture mApp” for registration management, access control via the QR code digital verification system and program consultation via app.

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Blube is a department that have been operating in the field of meal vouchers for catering for many years.
With the collaboration of SYNEXTYA, a further step has been taken towards the total digital transformation of the meal voucher system.

Today, with BLUBE Pay, all you need is your smartphone to use your meal vouchers!

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