Case study: Opengift

OpenGift is the easiest and safest way to give and receive only the gifts that you really want on every occasion.

No stress, every time, directly online. Just share the app with Friends and Relatives and all the anxieties, doubts and competition of Christmas, Birthdays, Baptisms and Weddings will be a thing of the past.



The customer

The project was born from a collaboration with Brands Up Srl, an advertising and marketing agency created to grow businesses, commercial activities and freelancers.

The idea sprung from the desire to create a useful but also engaging tool to make the gift giving moment special, to remove stress and doubt, as well as bringing joy to the recipient.


The challenge

The goal was to develop two native apps, for both iOS and Android operating systems, and to revolutionize the traditional way of giving gifts.

No more stress, no more bad gifts, no more disorganization Each user can create their own wish list, choosing items from the main marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay, and share with whomever they wish. But not only that, Opengift is configured as if it were a social network, the user can stay updated on the wish lists of their friends, book gifts so that no one steals your idea, compare the various offers and buy items directly from their smartphone.

The solution

Synextya took on the challenge and worked on two native apps where each user can create wish lists, both public and private, to share with friends and family.

On the app’s homepage, just as with a social network feed, there are updates from friends, recently created lists, recent additions, all so you can stay updated on your friends’ wishes and are able to give the most suitable gift.

The source of this data comes from the main online stores, eg. Amazon and Ebay, the user only needs to search for the gift they want, and the list of suggestions will self-compile and show the store items.

Discover Opengift

Make your wishes known

Enter everything you could wish for: books, electronics, travel, clothing… whatever you want! You decide who can see them.

Find the perfect gift

Discover the right gift for every occasion by searching for exactly what your friends and relatives want. Play it safe!

Stay up to date

Check dates of birthdays and important occasions, get inspired by your friends, create groups, organize collections and… Enjoy!

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Strategy Innovation Forum – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Strategy Innovation Forum – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

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