Case study: SIF, Strategy Innovation Forum

Since 2020 we have been a digital partner of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in the organization of the Strategy Innovation Forum.

The event is held every year at the Economic Campus of San Giobbe in Venice, and this year the SIF has chosen our product “Culture mApp” for registration management, access control via the QR code digital verification system and program consultation via app.

The event

In September, at the Economic Campus of San Giobbe in Venice Ca’ Foscari University, the highly anticipated and renowned Strategy Innovation Forum event will take place.

SIF – Strategy Innovation Forum the only Italian think tank on strategic innovation, has come together every year in Venice since 2015.. The forum involves entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, academics and political figures who together create and spread knowledge and relationships, with the aim of transforming the entrepreneurial system. Each edition of SIF is developed around scientific research that analyzes the possible impact of its social and technological innovations on business models.This year working and discussion groups have been reintroduced which will encourage more active participant involvement.

An innovative, immersive, digital and physical experience

The Strategy Innovation Forum, the think tank on strategic innovation at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, has been collaborating with Synextya since 2020. The team have supported us with proactivity, competence and patience in building an app for our event which has allowed us to offer an innovative and more engaging digital and physical experience to all participants. Born out of a pandemic related need which then turned out to be a permanent solution, the construction of the app as well as that of a personalized registration system have also proved to be fundamental during subsequent events.

My experience with Synextya has been incredibly positive and the partnership has only continued to grow and strengthen. So, yes I would choose Synextya again!

Alessandra Vignotto – Community & Event Specialist – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

The objectives

In addition to arranging a meeting to discuss relevant moments in the technological landscape, such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, as well as providing users with a digital tool that could contribute to the usage of the event, the goal of Ca’ Foscari and Strategy Innovation, organizers and promoters of the event, is also to create a group of companies, able to communicate and collaborate symbiotically for the benefit of all.

This new perspective and vision has given us as a company the opportunity for a little self reflection and so we have entered into a key partnership with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The project with Synextya

The project, initiated in 2020, led to the development of the APP which allowed the event to be live streamed even during the COVID emergency and subsequently became the main digital tool for the event.

We have provided the customer with a web panel that allows for the management of the app content and the option to communicate with participants at any time.

The native app, designed for iOS and Android operating systems, allows you to follow the streamed event but is also the main digital tool around which the event revolves.


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Participants must log in after registering, showing the QR code present in the app profile. From the same screen they can choose whether or not to share their contacts with the rest of the SIF community, allowing them to be contacted via email or via Whatsapp.

Inside there are ways of accessing the event, with a continuously updated program, news section, partner section, and community functionality, to put participants in contact with each other in a 100% digital way.

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Event program

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Airex S.p.a

Airex S.p.a

The project, in collaboration with SYNEXTYA, has brought Airex S.p.A. considerable advantages from the point of view of streamlining business processes by simplifying and speeding up the sales process, made more complex by the customization of prices based on specific agreements with customers and retailers, in addition to the ever-changing discounts applied to order quantities.

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CFR / Emilia Romagna Regione

CFR / Emilia Romagna Regione

Synextya participated, as a technological partner, in the creation of a digital platform for the Emilia Romagna Region with the aim of digitizing and simplifying the consultation of analyses on the main corporations’ financial statement data as well as for those of the cooperatives of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

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Re Mago – Through Sense For Hospitality

Re Mago – Through Sense For Hospitality

The collaboration between the Synextya team and Remago Italia (Remago Holding LTD), has led to the creation of two native apps for iOS and Android operating systems, for the ThroughSense For Hospitality project.

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