Case study: BLUBE pay

Digital transformation in the catering field. Today, with BLUBE Pay, all you need is your smartphone to use your meal vouchers!

Even prior to the collaboration with Synextya, BLUEASY was born, a physical card to replace paper meal vouchers, however Blube’s vision has gone further, and, with our support, a further step has been taken towards the total digital transformation of the meal voucher system.

Company sector: paper and electronic meal voucher dispensing services

Company size: 4-5 million €

Period: from 2018 to present

The customer

The BluBe division has been a player in the field of paper meal vouchers for employees of many companies throughout the country for many years and they offer innovative and flexible welfare services to companies. They provide a range of solutions, working around the passions of their employees, incentivizing them with a wide range of products and services designed for their well-being. I Flexible Benefit BluFlex, BluTicket and BluEasy paper and electronic meal vouchers BluGift: many proposals have been made available by BluBe to allow companies to meet the needs of employees in a personalized and flexible way, even when they are not in the workplace.

BluBe was born from the evolution of Bluticket, which in 2016 provided more than 13 million tickets, of which over 50% were in electronic format.

The project

The digital project, started in 2019 and still evolving, goes beyond the brief of creating an alternative payment method. In fact, through the two native apps created it is possible:

to add one or more cards, belonging to different chains.

to consult, on a list or on a map filterable by product categories, all the operators through whom it is possible to use the service, taking advantage of geolocation to immediately identify the nearest locations.

to check in real time the balance of your meal vouchers, their expiry and all transactions carried out in the various chains.


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Our project resources

Project manager

Project management and coordination of all internal and external resources.

UX/UI Designer

The study and implementation of the user experience and graphics of the two native apps.

BackEnd Developer

The preparation, configuration and development of the entire “less visible” part of the project.

Mobile iOS Developer

The development of the native iOS app for smartphones (iPhone) and tablets (iPad) in Swift programming language

Mobile Android Developer

The development of the native Android app for Android smartphone and tablet devices in Java programming language


Partner company that collaborated with us throughout the projects’ execution, providing the interface development with the exhibitors.

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Airex S.p.a

Airex S.p.a

The project, in collaboration with SYNEXTYA, has brought Airex S.p.A. considerable advantages from the point of view of streamlining business processes by simplifying and speeding up the sales process, made more complex by the customization of prices based on specific agreements with customers and retailers, in addition to the ever-changing discounts applied to order quantities.

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CFR / Emilia Romagna Regione

CFR / Emilia Romagna Regione

Synextya participated, as a technological partner, in the creation of a digital platform for the Emilia Romagna Region with the aim of digitizing and simplifying the consultation of analyses on the main corporations’ financial statement data as well as for those of the cooperatives of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

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Re Mago – Through Sense For Hospitality

Re Mago – Through Sense For Hospitality

The collaboration between the Synextya team and Remago Italia (Remago Holding LTD), has led to the creation of two native apps for iOS and Android operating systems, for the ThroughSense For Hospitality project.

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