Case study: Società Dolce

The project has helped the cooperative Società Dolce with the digital transformation of their customer base as well as that of their entire services/contracts signing process.

In addition to the design and development of the customer sector, the entire childhood sector, which manages services for children aged 0 to 14, was also involved in the transformation project.

Company sector: educational and social-welfare services

Company size: 90 million €

Business areas involved: IT, sales, marketing, administration, childhood sector

Period: from 2020 to present

The customer

Società Dolce, a social cooperative founded in Bologna in 1988 who operate in the field of educational and social-welfare services in collaboration with administrations, local institutions and private companies.

A project of technological development

We have been collaborating with the Synextya team since 2020 and right from the very beginning they have proven themselves to be very competent and professional.

We were followed up and guided throughout the digital transformation process, at first in the project sharing phase, as well as subsequently throughout an in-depth analysis to define our objectives and strategy.

We have now implemented a well thought out technological development project that has brought significant improvements to the company.

It all began from the need to digitally innovate our childhood sector, but the project has evolved over time and thanks to their technical and consulting support we have been able to involve and optimize more and more aspects of our business.


Domenico Di Leone – IT Manager – Società Dolce S.C.

The challenge

The objective identified by the IT department was to digitize the cooperative’s database and to streamline miscellaneous and complex management processes for the activation of services and contracts.

Critical issues identified:

  • Data management: there was no way to digitally analyze and manage the overall position of a single user, thus making it difficult to have clear proof of their situation, of the services to which they had access, or to potential areas of interest.
  • Different access points to services: the services used by the customer differentiated the daily operational phase from the subscription and registration phase and did not manage the bureaucratic-administrative side of things. The management system in use held all the information regarding the children enrolled, but the registration remained linked to the single structure (nursery) and any requests for related services had to be requested through other web systems with personal data entry at each one of these steps. Even the management of the nursery itself was fragmented, with a portal dedicated to registrations and news as well as another management portal dedicated to the daily operations of the kindergarten.

The solution

We started with the creation of ananalysis pathway,Digital Transformation Assessment, which allowed us to outline both a strategy and a roadmap for the following 3 years to achieve the following objectives:

– Technological improvement and ways of using information.

– Centralization of the database and customer data of Società Dolce.

– Development of a new management system for nurseries and related services.

Elements of the project

Digital transformation assessment

Analysis of the needs and objectives of the cooperative, with the structuring of a multi-year digitalization plan.

Cloud infrastructure and databases

Study and implementation of cloud infrastructure (AWS) and database. Digital transformation of the completion process and contract generation.

Customer area portal

Design and development of a web portal for customers as well as a related administration panel.

Portal for children

Design and development of a web portal as well as native iOS and Android apps for parents of minors as well as a web portal and Android app for the internal management of operators.

The digital transformation project with Società Dolce is divided into 3 phases:

Step 1

Digital Transformation Assessment

Key actions:

  • Analysis of the current status of proceedings;
  • Focus on specific areas to be involved in the process;
  • Analysis processing.


  • Technical and management improvements regarding the existing IT systems for the management of nurseries and the childhood sector;
  • Centralization of all customer records, as well as for users of Società Dolce services, in a single database.

With the involvement of one of our project managers as well as that of a technical manager, we managed to draft a complete and detailed project regarding the identity provider of Società Dolce and the new kindergarten management system.

In this phase it was considered necessary to involve all those considered by the client as being key elements, corresponding to the various decision-making areas such as IIT, Administration, Marketing and Legal.

The objective of this phase of the project was to define in detail the timing, costs and methods of implementation of the subsequent phases.

Step 2

Identity Provider Development

Key actions:

  • Creation of a single portal for centralized data management;
  • Microsoft Identity Platform implementation of the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.


  • Allow end users to access a unique platform for managing personal data;
  • Allow Società Dolce to have a clear picture of each member of its services’ status.;

During the analysis, the need emerged to structure a main Portal (currently dedicated to the Childhood sphere but designed with a future perspective in mind to potentially accommodate the entire overview of Società Dolce Services) for the centralized management of registrations, contracts and customer records.

A single authentication system with OAuth 2.0 protocol was thus established as an identity provider of Società Dolce in order to give the user a unique digital identity, linked to the Società Dolce sphere, with which they would be able to request access to all available services.

Any user who registers on the Portal is able to use it as if it were a reserved area where they can view information about their active services, contracts, invoices, news and documents.

Step 3

Kindergarten management development

Key actions:

  • Analysis of functionalities and roles;
  • Graphic design of the management system ;
  • Scalable backend on Amazon Web Services, API, Internal Management Web Platform, Family Web Portal, iOS and Android Apps.


  • Technological advancement, digital service for customers with improvements to the user experience;
  • Digital transformation of the registration process with elimination of redundant data entries for different services
  • Improvement of the management process by SD staff.

After an in-depth analysis of all roles and functionalities that gravitate around the Management of the Childhood sector, we identified the need to design 3 different macro-tools, all interconnected and shaped according to requirement, which proved to be useful for the fulfillment of all the management functions of the Childhood sector.:

  • Web platform for Societa Dolce – For the role of Admin, Responsible Coordinators and Coordinators
  • App educators for Società Dolce – For the role of Educators operating in a kindergarten for daily activities
  • App and web portal for the families – For the role of end users, eg. families and children.


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